Pricing & Membership

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The best way to get started is to come along and see if you like the vibe.

We have a ‘come and check us out’ starter pack… basically come for 1 week and test out as many classes as you like for $25. If you love it we can sign you up, if it’s not for you…that’s totally ok.



Members benefits

Indigo Soul Wellness members, aka ‘bad arse Soul sisters and misters’…(well maybe not that bad arse!) is like being part of a mutual fan club…we love you guys like family and you guys will love us too because.



Frequently Asked Questions

” I’m not flexible “

Totally ok! Yoga and Pilates in actually not about how flexible you are. Keep an eye out for some of our blog posts on the what it’s like to have a regular yoga practice.

Membership questions

” Can I? “

– Cancel my membership?
– Pause my membership?
OR I’m completely new to yoga or pilates and what if I don’t like it?




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